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The Help-my-Hand Massager is a simple but unique tool comprising three small pimpled balls on an elastic cord that is rolled between the two hands for muscle-tension release.

Easy to use daily; use it while at your computer, watching TV, reading, during a break, playing sport or when doing any type of manual labour.

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  • Therapy in Action is a multidisciplinary health practice consisting of a group of physiotherapists and occupational therapists that have been working together for 10 years and practice at facilities in both Stellenbosch and Somerset West. 

    Therapy In Action 
  • Candice
    I received certification at Isa Carstens Health and Skin Care and yoga teacher Certification at Ananda  Sanga School in 2002. I have 3 decades of practical experience  in Healthcare.
  • Danél van Pletzen (biokineticist)
    This small and easy to handle fascial release tool is perfect for the forearm and hand areas. The advantages are that it is easy to use yourself, won’t keep rolling away, and the amount of pressure can be regulated. 
    Danél van Pletzen (biokineticist)


A regular hand massage can help

– Ease pain caused by overuse, repetitive motion, or injury,

– Increase hand strength 

– Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety

– Prevent muscle tension and stiffness

– Increase blood circulation and strength and thereby increase functionality and efficiency.

Massaging with the Help-my-Hand Massager increases movement by freeing the tendons and ligaments and increasing oxygen-rich blood into the hands

What will benefit  most from a hand massage:

Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Trigger Finger,

Sports Injuries, Tennis & Golf Elbow, Breaks, Strains, Post Surgery.


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Hands are an essential part of life. Our hands make everyday life simple, so why not take care of them?

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