Danél van Pletzen (biokineticist)

This small and easy to handle fascial release tool is perfect for the forearm and hand areas. Advantages are that it is easy to use yourself, won’t keep rolling away, and the amount of pressure can be regulated. It can be used in the comfort of your house and on a daily basis, which is more effective. Myofascial release is known to improve tightness and nerve gliding in carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as decrease pain and increase ROM in cases of arthritis. Any other muscle and tendon injuries in the forearm, such as golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow will definitely benefit from this type of myofascial release. The principle of myofascial release will benefit the hand and forearm in the same way as any other area in the body, by improving range of motion, increasing strength and muscle endurance – as the muscles underneath the fascia starts gliding and functioning more efficiently. The target market for this ranges from people who does a lot of handwork, office workers spending hours on the computer, and even serious (and not so serious) gym fanatics, as this place a lot of strain on the forearms from gripping weights. Research in this area is still limited, so we would love to conduct a study using a grip strength measurement reading, fascial rolling of the forearm as intervention, and repeating the grip strength reading to test if there was a significant improvement.

Therapy in Action

Multidisciplinary health practice consisting of a group of physiotherapists and occupational therapists that have been working together for 10 years and practice at facilities in both Stellenbosch and Somerset West. We see many musculoskeletal injuries where hand injuries comprise a large portion of patients that are seen at our facility. Our occupational therapists have years of experience and specialize in hand injuries and see on average 20 patients per week in both practices. The new hand massage equipment from B4Play has been demonstrated to us we are excited and cannot wait to use this in our practices. We convinced that most, if not all, of our patients with related hand injuries, will be given this new massage product for use at home. 


I received certification at Isa Carstens Health and Skin Care and yoga teacher Certification at Ananda Sanga School in 2002. I have 3 decades of practical experience in Healthcare. The parts of the body, in my experience that takes the most strain for physical therapists and yoga teachers, is the hands and particularly the wrists. I have even had to take time off work due to worn hands and this can be very stressful, not knowing when and if one can get back to work again tried, I simply roll the balls over hands, wrists, and even up and down my forearm, and experience relief. it undoubtedly works as a circulatory stimulant, muscle relaxant, and nerve revitalizer.

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